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Pure Diving Excitement

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We aim to bring a revolution to diving in everything we do. See who we are, why we created the Diving Escape Game and what we are all about.
Additionally, find out more about Social Diving, our diving lifestyle brand.


Reefs are fun. Wrecks are cool. Caves are mysterious.
We get it.
At Diving Escape Game we combine the best of all the fun, coolness, and mystery into a super exciting adventure!
Because we, too, want to spend our time doing exciting things. As divers we love exciting dives, small and big challenges and getting excited.


No matter whether you just started to dive or are an experienced diver with hundreds of dives under your belt, with us, you are in good hands. We have years of experience diving, organizing events, working with students and guests, and love what we do!


Meet the team and people behind the Diving Escape Game.

Social Diving

Diving Escape Game is proudly brought to you by Social Diving®, your number 1 source for diving adventures online and offline!
Social Diving started as a small diving school in Munich, Germany in 2018 and has since branched out into different areas of diving. We operate dive centers at different locations, offer diving travel, premium dive equipment, a diving social network, and many other cool projects!
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