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Get some hints on the Diving Escape Game

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The Diving Escape Game is a great challenge for any scuba diver. Here, we are giving you some tips and hints on how your escape game adventure will work. Read them carefully, and look out for any clues!

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  • Find your Team

    Choose whether you want to sign up on your own, with a buddy or as an entire group. The more you are, the more fun you'll have!
  • Pick a Time

    If you sign up as a group, you can pick one of your choice. As an individual, pick one of the available spots!

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    Sign up as soon as possible to make sure your preferred time slot and game is still available that day!

Let's Go!

Register and get excited about your adventure! You'll receive more clues and tips from us after sign-up.

Play a Diving Escape Game

  • Arrival

    | Start - 01:15:00 |

    Arrive at the dive site and check in with us. We will collect & check the necessary info from all participants (certification status, dive insurance, signatures...) and show you around.

  • Briefing

    | Start - 01:00:00 |

    You'll get an introductory briefing, as well as detailed info on your mission and anything else you will need to master the challenge ahead.

  • Get your Equipment ready

    | Start - 00:40:00 |

    You'll need a full scuba kit for the Diving Escape Game. If you are missing anything or don't have one yet, you can rent it from us!

  • Buddy Check

    | Start - 00:25:00 |

    A buddy check is essential before any dive. Make sure you and your dive buddies are set up correctly!

  • Skill Check

    | Start - 00:20:00 |

    We start with a basic skill check to make sure, everyone is capable of performing the necessary basic scuba skills. This includes regulator retrieval, mask skills and a buoyancy check.

  • Final Preparations

    | Start - 00:05:00 |

    We answer any last questions you might have, check again that all communication equipment works and make last it's time to really get excited!

Let the Games begin!

Start - 00:00:00

It's time to dive! You can do it!

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